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ReachingTalent, a Novotus company, began in 2003 as a point solution provider for some of the largest companies in America. With outstanding talent, innovative processes, powerful creativity, and state-of-the-art technology, they have leveraged and expanded their clients' employment brands to bring top talent to their doorstep. One of the reasons I was hired at Novotus was to do enterprise level corporate branding for ReachingTalent LLC along with designing their website. Several design comps were made, the company got together and voted and decided on what you see as their website today. They wanted a clean and easy to use site with the color pallet and logo incorporated into all aspects of ReachingTalent.

Overview of some of my responsibilities with ReachingTalent:

Letter of Recommendation

After a two month contract with Novotus & ReachingTalent, Angela has proven herself a responsible and highly skilled graphic designer. Her winning attitude and willingness to accomplish team goals have made her an asset to the company.

After several years with Dell Computer, Angela has had to acclimate herself to a different “start-up” environment. She has made great strides in this department and any enterprise organization in need of creativity will be lucky to have her. I will be more than happy to answer any questions about these details and wish the best for Angela and her family. - Bryan Chaney, Director, Talent Branding ReachingTalent, LLC

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