Dell, Inc. Small and Medium Business (SMB e-biz)

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Dell, Inc. is a Fortune 500 Publically Traded Computer Corporation. Upon the start of my career at Dell online, there was no publishing system. Myself, another developer and an online manager coded and maintained the Small and Medium Business section of the Dell website which consisted of approximately 4500 content and product pages. I managed and coded all product content transitions, promotion content execution and daily site health reporting. Our team also did a lot of usability testing that was very in-depth. We set up beta sites and watched how people used the website. What worked and what didn't and of course, we were always surprised by the findings. The usability has been something I have used throughout my career even after leaving Dell. Knowing how people use websites, where they expect to find things and what they find easy and accessible is very valuable knowledge that I apply to every project I am involved in.

When I first began in SMB there was no VID (visual identity). Nothing was consistent and each segment almost looked like a different company. Dell hired several design agencies and our team worked with them to create a VID. We defined fonts, colors, image sizes and templates that are still used today. Once the VID was complete, we trained the global segments and other agency employees on how to use the guidelines. Dell e-business is a fast moving and profitable part of the Dell business. Our development team was part of the marketing division so we also worked with the print teams, email teams and Discounts and Coupons teams to make sure everything was consistent. It was a great position to be able to see the changes we made effect revenue and it also allowed me to work with a wide variety of global segments and teams.

Some of the things I did in the Dell SMB Web Technologist position:

  • Storm Content Developer/Departmental Imaging, SMB e-Business
  • Developing and maintaining the Small Business section of the Dell website which consists of approximately 4500 content and product pages; managing product content transitions, promotion content execution and daily site health reporting
  • Management of all Small Business order, processing, shipping and confirmation email campaigns through PeopleSoft software
  • Created tracking URL’s for ROE reporting on Dell SMB email campaigns
  • Member of an internal, global content publishing system technical support team
  • Creating and editing imagery for our primary offers, email banners and global product images – optimizing for website use from raw CMYK to RGB low resolution
  • Building layered Photoshop PSD comps for site redesigns and other projects using the Dell Global Brand style guides so that changes can be quickly made and presented in meetings by our project managers
  • Supporting offline marketing teams by providing high resolution print size/quality color corrected Dell system images for major corporate clients such as Rent-A-Center
  • Creating Dell lifestyle images and global system images in a way that is consistent for the global and segment developers by color correcting, adding drop shadows, etc. that meets Dell standards
  • Working with our Product Groups to suggest certain product shots and types that would be best for the eBusiness website and email campaigns, as well as the catalog and print mediums
  • Attending customer usability sessions to learn how customers view Dell’s online experience and then changing the website according to customer feedback

Letter of Recommendation for Ms. Angela Kandis

I have worked very closely with Angela Kandis during her tenure at Dell, Inc. An experienced web designer and graphic artist, Angela demonstrated a keen knowledge of digital imagery and graphic design. Angela continually sought out avenues to strengthen and utilize this skill set, in the process establishing herself as the “go to” person for any imaging work for within her business unit. Angela also sought opportunities to utilize her skills outside her functional role, assisting many cross-functional teams whenever assistance was needed. In addition to her professional career at Dell, Inc. Angela has bolstered her digital imaging skills through her work as an professional independent digital artist, where she has not only been able to expand the scope and breadth of her work beyond that which was required for, but has also gained invaluable experience working with digital property rights.

Angela is team-oriented and can be relied upon to put group goals ahead of individual objectives. Angela’s desire to pursue the field of digital graphics design is a logical step and it is with highest recommendation that I write this letter.- Jeremy K. Gunn, Online Manager Dell eBusiness

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