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ShowcaseWebsite and design, administration and execution, franchise branding and marketing

{Beautiful} You is a startup company in the Austin area. This is an ongoing contract position. When I was asked to design and build this website, the company had no web presence at all nor did they have any marketing materials at all. Upon taking the job, I was asked to not only design and code the website, but to create a color pallet and make marketing materials that were consistent and recognizable. The original comps were done with Photoshop and InDesign and the website was built and coded in Dreamweaver using HTML5, CSS, and JS. Shelsea wanted a simple, clean design that would be easy to use and quick to load. She also wanted a Content Management System (CMS) put in place so that she or her employees could easily update the website without having to go through an agency or myself to make simple changes. She wanted her photo galleries done in Flickr so that she could upload new photos from her mobile applications and easily manage a quickly moving inventory without having to code or update scripting. It was important to her to integrate her vendors into her site and give them a big online presence not only to highlight the services, but so that she could sell vendor space and advertisement on the website.

Along with the website, a library of imagery (both print and web) for marketing purposes has been made to hand out to affiliates, partners and advertisers. With this library, Shelsea or her employees can easily 'drag and drop' files into banners for a quick ad, send files to the newspaper for print or email a variety of graphics to vendors and affiliates.

"Simple, clean and classy" was what she asked for, and that's what she got!

What the website has accomplished for the company thusfar

Quote from Shelsea Stevens, owner of {Beautiful} You

First of all you are...well there really aren't any words that do justice so AMAZING will have to work! Holy Cowboys Baby! Wow! I am so excited and I am thinking I need to set up my game so I can be all that the website says I am! Very easy site to work with! Love it!- Shelsea Stevens (Owner {Beautiful} You)

Visit the Website - http://www.bebeautifulyou.com/